Trade Show marketing budget

Securing enough budget space for trade show marketing is crucial for event marketing success specially when your plan is to increase sales, and it’s often time easier said than done. Higher-ups are concerned about spend without return — and as such — are weary of increases in spending that can’t be justified with a good return. This is where properly calculating your ROI comes in handy. If you can demonstrate to your higher-ups that your last event secured a big return, they will be far more likely to loosen the purse strings.

If you have had a few poor performing events, you can leverage that history to your advantage. Plead your case to higher-ups, tell them that your trade show marketing efforts keep falling short because your budget does. Argue for a larger trade show booth budget, ask for funds to exhibit at events that your organization hasn’t historically attended or ask for money for more team members to help you reach objectives and goals. The key here is not to ask for a blanket sum of money, rather ask for increases in funds to areas that you think will contribute to a better performing trade show marketing campaign.


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