The Importance of Tradeshow Light & Fast

Just like any other time you’re traveling, the less you have in tow, the more enjoyable your trip is. You are less drained and can function more clearly whenever you are traveling light and fast, especially if you don’t have to sacrifice or compromise the components to your exhibit.

Take camping, for example. When you are hiking- especially in particularly rough or mountainous terrain- and you need camping gear, you would prefer the lightest most portable options available. You don’t pack a 6 man tent if it’s just yourself on a solo expedition. Likewise, you wouldn’t pack a week’s worth of clothes for 2 day hike.

For a hiking trip, you want the lightest, smallest most packable equipment available. You can hike further and faster without all the extra weight. The same applies to your company conference or presentation. Traveling from one end of the country to another with traditional, bulky presentation material and equipment is tiring and cumbersome to your employees who have to haul it on their travels.

Aside from being hard to lug around, antiquated presentation equipment design can be very stressful to set up for the trade show. Without dynamic design and fast-snap components, it could take presenters hours to set up a decent presentation booth. Eliminating this hassle could make all the difference when it comes to productive and efficient displays.

Equipment that’s both easy to haul and setup is a crucial component to make for a simple and a much more all-around enjoyable business trip. Lightweight material that can be assembled and put on display with one person without any tools is the most dynamic booth display. The most cutting edge equipment allows you to bring banners, table covers and handouts all in one carry-all.

Business trips are stressful enough without having to worry about the inconvenience of hauling heavy and cumbersome presentation equipment. Equipment focused on light travel and fast setup and breakdown will always make for happier employees and presenters. And happy employees make for much better, well rested presenters.

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