Table Throw: Crucial Component to Brand Recognition…

Setting up a conference booth with a table throw is one of the most important pieces of branded material. Logo placement at trade shows, conferences or vendor exhibits imperative to market brand recognition.

A table throw that is one of the company’s colors, with the company logo can act as a free advertisement to every person that walks by. Instead of having to pay for a big sign with your name on it, you can pay for two things at once, a tablecloth and a banner. Good quality fabric and a large, easy to read, stand out logo are the only things needed for a great table throw.

table cloth for trade shows

Each company that uses the given white or black table throw is missing an important opportunity for brand recognition and awareness. It can also look a lot better and more professional, communicating a better more effective message to potential customers.

Another great aspect of table throws is that they can be used over and over, making them a cost-effective purchase for your marketing department. They can become a staple in trade show preparation and an integral part of your trade show strategy.

More advantages about table throws – anyone can use them. Unlike large displays or extremely technical pieces of hardware used for demonstration, the table throw is about as easy as it gets when it comes to trade show displays. This piece of marketing collateral can be used by anyone in the organization effectively.

By Guillermo Ciudad Real

SEO of Exhibition Display, LLC