Stop Standstill Booth Traffic with These Tips

Whether it is a small trade show or an industry-wide event, there is always going to be competition. You might be wondering how other booths are attracting the masses and your booth is left in the dust. You have portable displays, your company sees success elsewhere; so what are you doing wrong? Here are a few tips to maximize the traffic flow to your company’s booth:

Invest in marketing prior to the trade show – Send out fliers or e-newsletters to your target audience to increase awareness of the trade show. If you don’t promote the event, how are your clients or prospective customers supposed to know to be there? You can also add a banner ad to your website or a display at your store to promote your company’s presence at the exhibition. If you will be giving away a free product or service, promote this, too! This will give your audience incentive to look out for your booth.

More and more incentives – Speaking of incentives, provide some to your current clients! Trade shows are known for goodie bags full of pens, koozies and other items that will likely end up in the supply closet. Give your already faithful clients a better reason to drop by your booth and continue their loyalty to your organization. Offer a promotion or service that is considered a win-win for both of you and of a value that is exclusive to your business relationship.

Be the calm away from the storm – A trade show can be an overwhelming place. Everywhere they turn there are flashing lights, a crowd or someone bombarding them with a fancy product. Keep your space calm and free of chaos. We recommend keeping your displays to a minimum – less is more as long as they are effective! Take into account the allotted space for your booth and create room for a free flow of traffic, standing and talking areas. This will make your visitors feel comfortable in your space, which will greatly impact your company’s success!

You don’t need a big spotlight pointed on your booth to generate leads at a tradeshow. You can easily find success along with your competitors with these helpful hints. Do you have any tips that have worked for your business? Leave them in the comments below!

(Posted by: Guillermo Ciudad Real of Exhibition Display)

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