Speak Softly to Attract Conference Attendees

Standing out at a trade show can mean the difference between attendees walking right by and making connections. Typically, booth operators sit behind their booths, give out promotion trinkets and provide pamphlets to attendees that walk by and stop on their own. Separating yourself from the pack by doing something different attracts more attendees to you, its psychologically proven.

A booth that is set back from the others, or that attendees have to walk into instead of walk up to is more provocative. These situations force attendees to think, “Why is this booth different than the others? I should find out.” They are intrigued and more likely to take extra time and effort to come visit your booth. Humans are naturally inquisitive, and doing something different grabs attention.

Aside from creating mystery, doing something different is always rewarded at conferences and trade shows. How many booths have you seen at the last event you attended that looked exactly the same? Ditching the booth for a pop-up banner and effective sales member that is personable and easy to talk to is something for attendees to remember among a sea of booths that all look alike, all handing out the same types of brochures.

A lone booth, or employee armed just with a few pieces of information is less stressful and intimidating for the attendee to approach. Teams of four or five staff members that outnumber individuals can cause guests to walk right by instead of stopping to talk or inquire. However, if the attendee can have a one-on-one, low-pressure conversation, they are much more likely to introduce themselves and engage.

Separating yourself from the rest of the exhibits and exhibitors is one of the best things you can do at a trade show or conference. Thinking outside the box, avoiding the normal set up and giveaways give attendees a reason to come visit your booth. You create mystery, which will also get people talking as well at stand out and make your company easier to remember. You don’t need fog machines, strobe effects or a megaphone; just make your booth more approachable and interesting to pull more traffic at your next conference.

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