Need a Trade Show Booth in Central America?

This sounds complicated to you? Well as a matter of fact it usually is, things are very unusual in Central America due to weird procedures and lack of the correct criteria, instead of finding a solution most people seem to try and complicate things. For international exhibitors there is no exception. Customs for instance is one of the biggest headaches for international people trying to do business in these countries. In El Salvador for example if customs finds out you are carrying promotional material there is a red warning that sometimes makes you feel like if you are doing something wrong, all because they want to charge you unbelievable import taxes for these items, this sounds stupid but in these countries there is a strange business going on at customs involving the government and some private custom agents. We are not here to change their rules or mentalities, and in the other hand there is a lot of opportunity in these Countries to create or grow a business and participating with a booth in some specialty trade shows in Central America is key to having success.

But, what can you do to participate in their Trade Shows? The answer is very easy: you need to contact an international Trade Show Agency named Interactive Retail (IR). IR specialty is to guide international Exhibitors as your self in these procedures from the design of your promotional literature to the set up of your Trade Show Booth. They operate in these countries: Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and even the USA. My best advise for you is to call them or send them an email, I’m sure they will take care of you and avoid you lots of unnecessary headaches. Here is the link to their site.

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By Guillermo Ciudad Real

The Trade Show Dude.

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