Must- Ask Questions For Each Trade Show

90% of success is showing up – prepared. Before you attend a trade show or exhibition there are a few things you should ask the organizers so you can best prep your team and display. Knowing how many attendees the conference is expecting is crucial. There is a huge difference between 100 and 1,000 especially when it comes to giveaways and how many professionals from your company should attend.

Along with asking how many people will be in attendance, you should also ask about their job titles and responsibilities. This way, you can introduce them to the right products and services that you offer as well as bring the appropriate kinds of sell sheets and brochures. Remember that CEO’s and Vice Presidents have less time and more buying power than administrative assistants or payroll clerks.

It’s also important to inquire about the size and location of your booth or table. If you plan on bringing large equipment to the show, knowing this information can help you request a location that can accommodate what you plan to bring. Knowing which booth number your company will be at can help you direct potential customers to your display through one-to-one interaction during the event or through emails sent or calls made beforehand.

You might also want to ask about obtaining a list of attendees complete with their company and email address. Sometimes this information is included and provided after the show. However, getting this list prior to the show can help your team contact attendees in advance as well as pick out their top prospects that they want to connect with at the show. This list can also help you keep your customer database updated and growing.

Asking these questions before attending a trade show will not only help you and your team be well prepared but it will also create a relationship between your company and the conference organizers. You will be able to take advantage of the space you have, the attendees that will be exposed to your booth as well as the traditional networking opportunities that come along with attending a trade show in your industry.

By Guillermo Ciudad Real, The Trade Show Dude

CEO of Exhibition Display, LLC