Keep Your Tradeshow Stress Free

Organizing a trade show can be quite a challenging adventure. All of the planning, coordinating between vendors and attendees as well as all the details that come in between can be pretty overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that you of course want to have a successful trade show with sizable attendance and great reviews.

Choosing a venue is an important part of a successful show. In fact, the right location can double attendance where a bad location, say without parking that’s hard to find, can cut attendance in half. An easily accessible and well-known hotel or conference center is always a safe bet when it comes to choosing a venue that will have mass appeal.

After the right venue has been chosen, make all arrangements in advance that you can. The less you have to organize in the weeks before the show, the better. Have deliveries scheduled a month before the event and have all food orders placed well in advance. A well-planned event will always be more successful than a trade show thrown together in two weeks.

Prior to the show, arrange your vendor booths in a way so that attendees can easily navigate through them. None of the booths should be tucked away behind walls, and ideally all vendors should have booths in the same room. Good vendor relations include providing them a detailed show schedule, table and electric as well as appreciation for attending in the form of a note or special gift.

At the trade show, unique promotional items can grab attendee and vendor attention and have them raving about the event. Pens and notebooks are standard, but how about something more useful like a logo coaster or portable iPhone charger? Depending on the industry, some really creative giveaways can set your trade show apart from the rest. Don’t forget to have your company’s name, phone number and location on the item as well as ensuring that it’s easy for attendees to carry.

As a trade show organizer, taking this advice into account will help you have a less stressful and more successful show. Success can be measured in a variety of ways including how many vendors and attendees there are, how many sales are made from the show and in the long-term how many vendors and attendees return year after year. A great show will have guests asking, “when’s your show next year? We can’t wait to come back!”

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