Ideas to Help your Exhibit this Year 1

We’ve all seen it way too many times – the huge bowl of candy sitting right in the middle of an exhibit tables filled with bulk candy from the local grocery store. You can tell by the shiny wrappers without any writing or logos. Usually peppermints, fruit flavors or butterscotch hard candy these treats are old news. Take advantage of new and unique edibles to bring attention to your table and even better, your company.

Bulk candy isn’t doing anything for you expect taking up space. How about trying something like custom molded chocolate. Chocolate bars with your logo imprinted on them are sure to be the talk of the show. Why? Everyone loves chocolate and this idea hasn’t been used too many times before. Once word gets around that you have chocolate, nonetheless creatively designed, people will be flocking to your both. To really please attendees, get these logo chocolates in milk, dark and white.

If you’re not convinced chocolate is a good alternative for your hard candy, you could also try suckers. The key to suckers is they way they can be displayed and the games you can use them for to better engage attendees and get them to visit your booth. For example, if you buy a bag of suckers, put a red dot on the very bottom of a quarter or a third of the suckers. From there, place the suckers into a foam ball, creating a flowered look. Anyone that visits your table can pick a sucker; if it has a red dot on the bottom they can win a prize like a logo mug or pen.

One more idea is to take advantage of small candies like jelly beans, mints of M&M’s. Instead of just keeping them in a large bowl on your table, hand them out in little jars or tins. Have these containers branded with your colors and logos. That makes these treats easy to give out and there’s even a chance that the attendee will keep the container even after all the candy is gone. That means your logo, brand and message has an ongoing impact day, weeks and months after the trade show.

With so many different candy options, why stick to a big bowl of bulk candy? Exhibits and trade shows are great places to try something new and see how successful it can be. In fact, once you make the switch to chocolate, suckers or small candy containers, bulk candy could very well be a thing of the past for your company and its exhibition strategy.

By Guillermo Ciudad Real – The Trade Show Booth

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