Bring Excitement And Fun To Your Booth With A Table Game

Having a game at your booth for attendees is a great way to bring people over and get them to engage with you. A good table game will be fun, easy and increase the chances that an attendee will remember you and your company long after they walk away. A crowd-favorite is the spinning wheel, which you can customize with company colors and a variety of winning options. For example, an attendee can spin the wheel for a chance to win a pen, tote bag or candy. You can also include bigger, better gifts to make the game more enticing.

Another idea for an interactive game is industry related trivia. You can create a poster board with categories and question cards, or you can choose trivia questions as you go. Questions related to what you sell or the services you provide can spark a conversation or even inform the attendee of what you have to offer in a fun, non-aggressive way. Just like the spinning wheel, you can have a variety of prizes for those that get the questions right and of course a small trinket for anyone that stops by to play even if they end up getting the trivia question wrong.

The easiest game you can offer is a raffle for one grand prize. Have attendees put their business cards in a basket and choose a winner at the end of the conference. For prizes like gift cards or tickets to a local sports game, visitors will be more likely to leave their contact information and stop by to chat for a few minutes. Remember that the more impressive the raffle prize, the more people will talk about it and make the effort to come directly to your table. Use this opportunity to talk about all you have to offer and how you might be able to help them and/or their organization.

If you have the opportunity to have the conference give each attendee a small card as they register or enter, you can have cards with pictures on them and instructions to come to your table and redeem their prize. They can match the picture on their card with the picture on a board or table to see what they win. This tactic gives attendees an incentive to visit your booth. Making the pictures industry related is a way for them to preview your company as well as customize the game for your specific organization instead of just using generic clipart pictures.

People like to play games and offering one at your table can help conference attendees break up the monotony of classes and workshops. The more people that visit your booth, the more opportunities you have to make connections and hopefully sales. Providing a quick, fun activity that even lets attendees win something is a great way to get in touch with a significant amount of attendees at any given conference.