2015 is almost gone, and one of the main issues for us is the experience we got this year traveling to different trade shows in the US and abroad. To select the best portable exhibit must be an experience. Experience criteria can be resume in excellent, good and bad in practicality, good looks, best seller and quality…yep that easy. However this year was no easy task due to great implementations made to a lot portable exhibit systems. But we had to make a decision and helped us; and one thing is for sure, just like cassette tapes and CD’s, traditional POP UP systems with flexible graphic panels are almost dead versus FABRIC graphic exhibit displays that are more alive than ever, so with sales of over 3,650 units by November 2015 and almost $3.0 million in revenue we are proud to announce that the winner is: THE HOP UP FABRIC EXHIBIT.

By Guillermo Ciudad Real – THE TRADE SHOW DUDE


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