Setting up a conference booth with a table throw is one of the most important pieces of branded material. Logo placement at trade shows, conferences or vendor exhibits imperative to market brand recognition. A table throw that is one of the company’s colors, with the company logo can act as […]

Table Throw: Crucial Component to Brand Recognition…

Your first time at anything is always intimidating; people who disagree are simply lying or pretty scare to admit it… The truth is that preparing for a trade show can be a very challenging experience. There is a lot of financial, marketing and logistics involve. Trade Shows offer a massive […]

Are you ready for your first Trade Show?

Securing enough budget space for trade show marketing is crucial for event marketing success specially when your plan is to increase sales, and it’s often time easier said than done. Higher-ups are concerned about spend without return — and as such — are weary of increases in spending that can’t be […]

Trade Show marketing budget

2015 is almost gone, and one of the main issues for us is the experience we got this year traveling to different trade shows in the US and abroad. To select the best portable exhibit must be an experience. Experience criteria can be resume in excellent, good and bad in […]


This sounds complicated to you? Well as a matter of fact it usually is, things are very unusual in Central America due to weird procedures and lack of the correct criteria, instead of finding a solution most people seem to try and complicate things. For international exhibitors there is no […]

Need a Trade Show Booth in Central America?

Regardless of whether you are new to the trade show experience or are a veteran exhibitor who hasn’t seen much success in the past, you may be wondering how you can make your next exhibition one for the books. While there may not be some kind of secret book that […]

Tips for Achieving Trade Show Success

Whether it is a small trade show or an industry-wide event, there is always going to be competition. You might be wondering how other booths are attracting the masses and your booth is left in the dust. You have portable displays, your company sees success elsewhere; so what are you […]

Stop Standstill Booth Traffic with These Tips

Just like any other time you’re traveling, the less you have in tow, the more enjoyable your trip is. You are less drained and can function more clearly whenever you are traveling light and fast, especially if you don’t have to sacrifice or compromise the components to your exhibit. Take […]

The Importance of Tradeshow Light & Fast

Organizing a trade show can be quite a challenging adventure. All of the planning, coordinating between vendors and attendees as well as all the details that come in between can be pretty overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that you of course want to have a successful trade show with […]

Keep Your Tradeshow Stress Free

Standing out at a trade show can mean the difference between attendees walking right by and making connections. Typically, booth operators sit behind their booths, give out promotion trinkets and provide pamphlets to attendees that walk by and stop on their own. Separating yourself from the pack by doing something […]

Speak Softly to Attract Conference Attendees